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Anagram Clues
To figure out these clues, you will have to rearrange the letters to find the name of the person you need to speak to.

Anagram Person Location
A BAS Saba A cave in Burthorpe, North of the Warriors Guild.
ACE MATCH ELM Cam the Camel West of the Duel Arena entrance (no Camulet needed.)
AHA JAR Jaraah Duel Arena Hospital, in Al Kharid.
AN PAINT TONIC Captain Ninto Tavern, in Gnome tunnel under White Wolf Mountain. Must have started the Fishing Contest quest to access the tunnel.
ARC O LINE Caroline North of the church, in Witchaven or upstairs of the house, west of the Church, in Witchaven, if you have completed the Kennith's Concerns quest.
ARE COL Oracle West of the Monastery (Prayer Guild), on top of Ice Mountain.
ARR! SO I AM A CRUST, AND? Ramara du Croissant Furnace in the Piscatoris Fishing Colony. (requires Swan Song to be started.)
A ZEN SHE Zenesha Southwest corner of market square, in East Ardougne.
BAIL TRIMS Brimstail Enter the 'Cave Entrance', in the southwest corner of the Tree Gnome Stronghold.
BOAST B Sabbot Found in the cave under the Death Plateau.
BY LOOK Bolkoy General store (use ladder), in the Tree Gnome Village.
C ON GAME HOC Gnome Coach Usually at south side of the Gnome ball field, in the Tree Gnome Stronghold.
DO SAY MORE Doomsayer Lumbridge.
DT RUN B Brundt Longhall, in the center of Rellekka.
EEK ZERO OP Zoo Keeper Southwest corner of the Zoo, at East Ardougne.
EL OW Lowe Archery Store, in Varrock.
ERR CURE IT Recruiter Main square, in West Ardougne.
GOBLIN KERN King Bolren West of the Spirit Tree, in the Tree Gnome Village.
GOT A BOY Gabooty South of the house with an anvil, in Tai Bwo Wannai.
GULAG RUN Uglug Nar West of Jiggig and south of Castle Wars.
HALT US Luthas Hut on the east side of the banana plantation, at Musa Point.
HE DO POSE. IT IS CULTRRL, MK? Riki the sculptor's model Blasidar the sculptor's house, in Keldagrim.
ICY FE Fycie Cave north of Rantz, at Feldip Hills.
I EAT ITS CHART HINTS DO U Shiratti the Custodian North of the fountain, at Nardah.
I FAFFY RUN Fairy Nuff Fairy hospital (north of the bank), at the Lost City (Zanaris). (You must have completed the Lost City Quest. If you have started A Fairy Tale Part II - Cure a Queen, you need to find the certificate at the Fairy Hospital and then use the Fairy Ring codes, in this order: AIR, DLR, DJQ, AJS.)
IM KROM Rommik Crafting Shop in Rimmington.
IZ A AMMO LOAD FOR MRS YAKKA Moldark, Emissary of Zamorak North of Edgeville bank.
KAY SIR Sir Kay He is found on the ground floor of the castle, often outside in the courtyard Seers village
LAND DOOMD Odd old man North of Limestone mine, northeast of Varrock.
LARK IN DOG King Roald Ground floor, at Varrock Palace.
ME AM THE CALC Cam the Camel West of the Duel Arena entrance (no Camulet needed.)
ME IF Femi Entrance to Tree Gnome Stronghold.
NOD MED Edmond Northwest corner of East Ardougne.
O BIRDZ A ZANY EN PC Cap'n Izzy No Beard Agility Arena, at Brimhaven.
OK CO Cook Kitchen, at Lumbridge Castle.
OR A VILE Valerio Outside the Citharede Abbey east of Al Kharid.
OR ZINC FUMES WARD Wizard Frumscone Basement of the Wizards' Guild at Yanille. (66 Magic needed, can use potions).
PEATY PERT Party Pete Party Room, in Northeast Falador.
PROFS LOSE WRONG PIE Professor Onglewhip Wizards' Tower, south of Draynor Village.
RATIA Taria Gardner at Rimmington.
R AK MI Karim Kebab store, north of Bank, at Al Kharid.
RED ART TANS Trader Stan Southern dock at Port Sarim.
SEQUIN DIRGE Queen Sigrid Castle, at Etceteria in Kingdom of Miscellania.
SOY DRAIN Ysondria The Nexus in Lumbridge Swamp.
THEM CALL CAME Came the Camel West of the Duel Arena entrance (no Camulet needed.)
WINSTON LANE Nails Newton Outside the Pick and Lute Inn in Taverley.
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