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Speak To Clues
These clues will direct you to find a specific Person to speak to. Please remember that if you don't find the Person in the exact area, he/she may have just wandered somewhere nearby. Just look around!

Speak to... Image Location
Arhein Arhein On the dock south of the bank, at Catherby.
Bartender Bartender Blue Moon Inn, east of the Sword shop, at Varrock.
Bartender Bartender Rusty Anchor Bar, at Port Sarim.
Black Heather Black Heather Bandit Camp, in the Wilderness.
Brimstail Brimstail Enter the 'Cave Entrance', in the southwest corner of the Tree Gnome Stronghold.
Citric Cellar Heckel Funch Heckel Funch on the second floor (US)/first floor (UK) of the Grand Tree in the Tree Gnome Stronghold.
Donovan Donovan Second floor of Sinclair Mansion, north of Camelot and Seers' Village.
Doric Doric House with anvils, east of the gate to Taverley.
Ellis Ellis Tannery, at Al Kharid.
Gaius Gaius Sword shop, northeastern corner of Burthorpe.
General Bentnoze General Bentnoze Northern-most house at the Goblin Village north of Falador.
Hajedy Hajedy East of the fruit tree patch, at Brimhaven.
Hans Hajedy Courtyard of Lumbridge Castle, in Lumbridge.
Hazelmere Hazelmere Second floor of the house on the Island, east of Yanille.
Kangai Mau Kangai Mau The Shrimp and Parrot Tavern, in Brimhaven.
Kebab Seller Karim Karim, in the Kebab Store in Al Kharid - South of the furnace.
Keeper of Melzar's Oziach Oziach, the rune plate seller, in Edgeville.
King Bolren King Bolren West of the Spirit Tree, in the Tree Gnome Village.
Lowe Lowe Lowe's Archery Store in Varrock, west of Varrock's east bank.
Speak to a party-goer in Falador Luthas Speak to Lucy the bartender, upstairs in the Falador party room.
Luthas Luthas Hut on the east side of the banana plantation, at Musa Point.
Murphy Murphy At the pier in Port Khazard.
Monk Brother Kojo Brother Kojo, at the Clock Tower south of East Ardougne
Ned Ned Draynor Village, near his house northeast of the bank.
Oracle Oracle East of the Monastery (Prayer Guild), on top of Ice Mountain.
Party Pete Party Pete Party Room, in Northeast Falador.
Referee Gnome ball referee Gnome ball referee at the Gnome ball course, in the Tree Gnome Stronghold.
Roavar Roavar At the bar, in Canifis.
Sir Kay Sir Kay Camelot Castle - Usually walking outside the castle by the door.
Squire Squire White Knights Castle in Falador.
Staff in the
Sinclair Mansion Louisa Speak to Louisa, in the Sinclair Manson north of Seers' Village.
Ulizius Ulizius The monk at the gate to the Mort Myre swamp, west of Canifis.
Zeke Zeke Scimitar shop north of the palace, in Al Kharid.
Zoo Keeper Zoo Keeper Ardougne Zoo.


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